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Logo Sedina Marine

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Work in shipbuilding industry

The employee leasing system is attractive for companies. We guarantee our clients cost optimisation and flexibility when hiring out employees from our company.

Job offer

We specialise in the placement of qualified personnel, for example in the shipbuilding and construction industries. We have permanent employees who have successfully completed a large number of projects at home and abroad.

Services for Businesses

Our company equips all employees with certified work and protective clothing.
All our employees have the necessary certificates and authorisations


Contact Sedina Marine Sp.zoo . The company is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00.

About us

Our company has established a firm and stable position in the European market. We have a permanent staff of employees who have successfully completed a number of projects at home and abroad. When recruiting, we not only look for the qualifications and professional experience of the employees, but also for the characteristic features of their personality and nature, which are necessary for the performance of certain tasks.

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