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About the Sedina Marine Sp.zoo and Sedina Marine AS

Sedina Marine Sp.z o.o. and Sedina Marine AS. a Norwegian company was founded on the basis of my private company North Side Work Service, which I founded in 2009, specializing in employee leasing in Norway and Germany. We specialize in the placement of qualified personnel, e.g. in the field of shipbuilding and construction. Our companies have a well established and stable position in the European market. We have a permanent staff that has successfully completed many projects in Poland and abroad. When hiring, we make special efforts to get to know not only the qualifications and professional experience of the employees, but also their personality and character traits required to perform certain tasks.

The system of employee leasing is attractive for entrepreneurs. We offer our clients cost optimization and flexibility in hiring employees who are employed by our company. We assume the high and fixed costs of employment and their risk. North Side Work Service carries out thorough recruitment and selection of employees.

For the last 14 years, most of the contracts have been conducted by my company North Side Work Service, but since 2016 and 2020, my companies have been slowly taking over the orders I received from clients. As of January 2023, they took them over completely. Since 2018, a group of our companies has also been carrying out orders in shipbuilding at the so-called "work - fixed price" at the German Meyer Werften and MV shipyards in the field of hull construction and pipeline construction and assembly.

From 2020 we also perform fixed price work at Norwegian shipyards in the area of maintenance and painting of ships and other steel surfaces, as well as mechanical, assembly and welding work

My company Sedina Marine Sp.z o.o. has German ANU employee transfer permit, welding permit with own welding inspector.

From January 1, 2023, my company is bound by a cooperation and representation agreement with Metalcoop GMBH Hansaallee 247 B 40-549 Dusseldorf, where the person representing all the interests of the company in Germany and the Netherlands is Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Włodzimierz Jaśniak.

our motto is professionalism and quality at competitive prices!


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