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Logo Sedina Marine

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Services for Businesses

My companies have tools and equipment that are available to our employees. We are also in possession of company cars enabling transport to the employer's country and to the place of work during the term of the contract. Our company equips all employees with attested work and protective clothing.

All our employees have the necessary certificates and authorizations to perform the tasks entrusted to them, such as (welding certificates, crane certificates, etc.)


The advantages of using the services of Sedina Marine Sp. z o.o. and Sedina Marine AS.

  •  a guarantee of reliable and timely performance of the entrusted task
  •  constant supervision over employees
  •  option of hiring an employee and discharging him without signing employment contracts directly with the employee
  •  payment only for hours worked in your company
  •  no costs related to administration and human resources: keeping personal files, drawing up employment certificates, referral for medical examinations
  •  no employment-related fees: being on standby, during notice period, and incapacity to work due to illness
  •  as part of employee outsourcing, we also take over accounting services in the field of settling advance payments for income tax and social security for employees

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